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The Danish Labour Market

The Danish labour market is known for high job mobility, flexibility, competitiveness and high-quality working conditions.

In Denmark, pay and working conditions are typically laid down by collective agreements concluded between trade unions and employers' organisations. This system of labour market regulation is referred to as the Danish Model.

Rules and rights when working in Denmark

Foreign companies and posted workers performing work in Denmark must be familiar with Danish labour market regulations and must comply with these rules.

Here you can read about working conditions in Denmark, RUT, health and safety requirementes and tax rules.


Rules for companies operating in Denmark
Rules and rights - when working in Denmark


Bestimmungen für Unternehmen, die in Dänemark Tätigkeiten ausführen
Bestimmungen und Rechte - wenn Sie in Dänemark arbeiten


Zasady firmy działające na terenie obowiązujące Danii

Zasady i prawa obowiązujące podczas pracy w Danii


You can learn more about the Danish labour market at WorkplaceDenmark.dk